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Winter Camping (yes, it's a thing)

Launch yourself into the frosty and magical world of winter camping in Ontario’s Highlands.

Go Backcountry
Get Started Backcountry Camping on the Haliburton Water Trails
Cozy Up to Fall Camping
Annual Camping for Any Group
Backcountry Camping, Trails and Outdoor Adventures in North Frontenac
Hello Big East: Paddle-in Camping on the Haliburton Highlands Water Trails
Retro Campers, a Geodesic Dome, and other Fun Places to Lay Your Head
From Romance to Reality Bites: The Bear Truth About Solo Travel
Following My Heart into the Highlands: My Year of Solo Travel
Collection • 8 stories

Connect with Water

Collection • 6 stories

Staycation Inspiration

Find inspiration for staycations ideal for families, relaxation and wellness, getting back to nature, or getting your heart racing (and more).

Haliburton Highlands
Bikepacking in North Frontenac
Local's Take: Paddle, Cycle and Stargaze in Lennox & Addington
Frontenac County
Collection • 6 stories

Cycling Adventures

A Beginner's Guide to Bikepacking in Ontario's Highlands
3-Day Creative Retreat
Boat, Sun and Play: 5 Family Staycations for All Ages
Winter Camping under the Full Moon at Silent Lake
Explore Algonquin's South Gate
Stay Here
2 Days, 4 Communities: a Community-Hopping Lennox & Addington Road Trip
Ottawa Valley
Collection • 7 stories

Local's Takes

Insider tips from the people who both live and take their vacations in the Highlands.

7 of Ontario's Best Paddling Routes
Staycation in Ontario's Highlands
Holiday Gift Guide for Outdoor Lovers
Fall Colours