Curated Itineraries to Get the Most Out Summer

The best itineraries are both inspired and creative, bringing you to the best spots the locals know and love. Discover your own curated plan for your adventure, an invitation to wander off-road and discover for yourself what's around the next corner.

3-Night Cross Country Edible Adventure

Meet the makers, chefs, and hardworking folks of Ontario’s Highlands' food scene.

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Your Best Summer Itineraries

Local Inspiration

Local's Take: 3 Cabin Nights & Rafting in the Ottawa Valley

Stay in the Ottawa Valley this summer. Read this local's story.

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3 Days of Shopping, Dining, and Exploration in Lanark County

Small towns, good food, and outdoor adventure awaits.

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Wander Sustainably

Rent a bike in the community (or bring your own) to explore the area gas-free and sustainably.
Support local businesses as you travel.
Remember GPS is not failproof in rural areas. Be safe by orienting yourself before heading on the road.

Get more sustainable tourism tips here.

Itineraries to make the most of summer

Launch yourself into summer with one of these curated journeys that tell you where to go, what to do, and where to stay.

Stay Longer

From cozy bed and breakfasts to inns, cabins, cottages, yurts (and even a treehouse or two!) your accommodation will be more than just a place to lay your head.