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Summer Brews

Discover your perfect summer beer in Ontario’s cottage country.

Food & Drink
Welcome to the Friendly Town of Minden
Summertime Happenings: 8 Local Events to Celebrate Summer
Collection • 6 stories

Connect with Water in Ontario's Highlands

Hottest Patios to Hit this Summer
Collection • 7 stories

Local's Takes

Insider tips from the people who both live and take their vacations in the Highlands.

Road Trips
Collection • 4 stories

Longer Cycling Routes & Trips

7 Ontario Festivals Happening Again this Summer
25 Awesome Places to Claim Your Ontario Staycation Tax Credit in 2022
Country Road Canadiana: Summer Tour from Elphin to Lanark Village
3 Ways to Play on the Ontario Water Trail
Local's Take: Paddle, Cycle and Stargaze in Lennox & Addington
Hastings County
3 Fun Itineraries for Water Play
Making Friends and Finding Adventure: Cycling Frontenac
Collection • 10 stories

Day Trip Destinations

The towns of the Highlands make perfect day-trip destinations from Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Local's Take: 2 Day Cycling Staycation #InFrontenac
Respecting the Waterways
Carving Her Course on the Madawaska: Stefi Van Wijk
Local's Take: Overnight in a Caboose in Lanark County
Annual Camping for Any Group
Perfect Picnic Spots
Wild Rides, Dizzying Heights and Scalable Walls: 4 Ontario Staycations to Get Your Heart Racing
Local's Take: 3 Cabin Nights & Rafting in the Ottawa Valley
5 Romantic Escapes to Fall in Love All Over Again
Cozy Up to Fall Camping
Local's Take: 3-Day Wellness Retreat in Hastings County