The best road trips introduce you to the vibe of a region, and a taste for the flavour of the communities there. In Lennox & Addington there is no shortage of cute towns and villages to explore as you travel north on Hwy 41, making your way from Kaladar to Flinton, Cloyne and Denbigh as you go.

This summer, plan a short two-day getaway that will take you through some of the most beautiful Canadian Shield terrain in Ontario. You may not get to visit every small town or village this summer, but this two-day community-hopping itinerary is one for the #roadtrip books.

2 Days, 4 Communities in Lennox & Addington

Start Here: Kaladar

Kaladar is one of those places everyone who travels on Hwy 7 know about. It’s where you always make a plan to stop to get gas, grab some fries or coffee or take a break at a picnic area to stretch your legs.

  • Shoot the breeze with the locals while having a bite to eat at Gala’s Pit Stop. A Kawartha Ice Cream to go will make the drive to your next stop that much sweeter.
  • The Trans Canada Trail runs parallel to Hwy 7 and is accessible from Hwy 41 if you want to stretch your legs with a bike ride or hike this is the place to be. The “Great Trail” is part of a cross-Canada system that spans the country from Newfoundland to B.C.
  • If your legs are cramped there’s a cute little picnic area off Hwy 7 across from Neil Road where you can savour your coffee.
  • Another great cycling opportunity is the Kaladar Pine Barrens Conservation Reserve where you can really go offroad biking over natural terrain.
Lennox & Addington
From Toronto: 250km • 2 hr 50 min From Ottawa: 178km • 2 hr 8 min

Take a trip to visit the Lennox & Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area, the most southerly point in Ontario offering a night sky experience very similar to what it was 100+ years ago.

Time Spent Here: You can cycle the Kaladar Pine Barrens or Great Trail for as long as you can keep pedalling! For just a quick visit to Kaladar, plan for roughly an hour.

Next Stop: Northbrook

Only 10 minutes north of Kaladar is the small community of Northbrook, and definitely worth a stop on your roadtrip.

  • Fuel up at Addison’s Restaurant, just south of Northbrook. Their homestyle meals come in man-sized portions.
  • Stop at Explorer’s Eco-Emporium 41 where you can get lost in the sheer number of items here. Find everything from clothes to toys, books, home décor and more. This is the perfect spot to let your meal settle before hitting the road again.
Lennox & Addington
From Toronto: 261km • 3 hr 4 min From Ottawa: 172km • 1 hr 58 min

Time Spent Here: Plan on an hour to an hour-and-a-half for a meal and wander here.

Next Stop: Cloyne

Home to Bon Echo Provincial Park, Cloyne is the perfect daytrip destination during a camping trip to Bon Echo. This community is small but mighty and worth a visit.

  • Want to try your hand at fishing while camping at Bon Echo? Bishop Lake Outdoors has everything you need to land a great catch.
  • Stock up on some barbecue fare from Milligan Meats –their 3-Day Camper Special gives you all the meat you’ll need for three days of camping.
  • If you have extra time, Cloyne Pioneer Museum & Archives is the perfect spot to whittle away an hour while learning about local history, touring the one-room schoolroom, and browsing thousands of artifacts.
Lennox & Addington
From Toronto: 260km • 3 hr 5 min From Ottawa: 180km • 2 hr 10 min

End Your Day: Bon Echo Provincial Park

Book a campsite at one of the most beautiful provincial parks in Ontario, and you won’t be disappointed with the scenery and natural environment here.

    • Choose between backcountry camping, car camping, or hike-in camping sites. If you’d rather sleep beneath a hard roof, their roofed accommodations will be the best choice for you.

    Start Here: Bon Echo Provincial Park

    Waken with the birds and plan your days spent immersed in nature.

    What to Do:

    • Rent a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard from the park operated Bon Echo Paddle Centre and paddle out to see the 100-metre high Mazinaw Rock featuring over 260 Indigenous pictographs.
    • Hike the Mazinaw Cliff Top Trail, a short in and out route that ends with a fabulous view.
    • Other trails include the Bon Echo Creek Trail or the High Pines Trial.
    • Book a guided tour on Bon Echo’s large pontoon boat that takes you out to Mazinaw Rock. You’ll get the history of the area and learn plenty more during your trip.
    Be Responsible:

    Be respectful of this natural resource; don’t litter, stay to marked trails, and follow the park rules while you’re visiting.

    Next Stop: Flinton

    Roughly 30 kilometres from Cloyne and just a short detour off Hwy 41 is the small town of Flinton, where you’ll find a surprising amount of outdoor activities to keep you occupied for half a day or longer.

      • Flinton Falls is a small waterfall created by a dam that is accessible by trail from Flinton Conservation Area and worth a visit if you are a waterfall hunter.
      • Book a tee time at Hunter’s Creek Golf Club & Restaurant or you can also try the newest trend in golf – disc golf! 
      • If you love to paddle, this is a must visit. Deerock Lake Conservation Area is part of Elzevir Peatlands Conservation Reserve and has one of the largest continuous peatlands in southern Ontario. Bring your canoe or kayak (or rent one from Bon Echo Outfitters) and explore this beautiful lake by water.


      Lennox & Addington
      From Toronto: 240km • 2 hr 55 min From Ottawa: 175km • 2 hr 5 min

      The village of Flinton was built to house Billa Flint's employees, working at his mill on the river.  Ruins of the mill can be seen at the famous Flinton Falls and swimming hole at the Flinton Conservation Area, nestled in the corner of the village.

      Time Spent Here: We recommend you commit the day to exploring Flinton’s treasures (pun intended).


      End Your Trip: Dark Sky Viewing Area

      What better place to end your trip and chill after a day spent experiencing the beauty of nature than tipped back in a lawnchair taking in the stars? The Lennox & Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area is located in one of the darkest spots in Ontario, and the view of the stars will be epic.

      Time Spent Here: Pan to arrive near dark to get set up on the concrete viewing pad. Bring a lawnchair, a thermos, and a telescope (if you have one, but the viewing is beautiful with the naked eye as well).