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Collection • 18 stories

Day Trip Destinations

The towns of the Highlands make perfect day-trip destinations from Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Collection • 6 stories

Staycation Inspiration

Find inspiration for staycations ideal for families, relaxation and wellness, getting back to nature, or getting your heart racing (and more).

Peace and Tranquility at Dimensions Retreats in Haliburton Highlands
Collection • 7 stories

Local's Takes

Insider tips from the people who both live and take their vacations in the Highlands.

Relaxing Wellness Escapes to Find Your Bliss
A Day Well Spent in Wollaston Township
Local's Take: 3-Day Wellness Retreat in Hastings County
Connecting People Through Food in Lanark County: Ian Carswell
Hastings County
Secrets to Unforgettable Edible Experiences
Beer, Butter Tarts & Burritos (By Bike)
Shiver-Worthy Spooky Spots
Lanark County
3-Day Creative Retreat
3-Day Journey of Self Discovery
Collection • 8 stories

Responsible Tourism

From Romance to Reality Bites: The Bear Truth About Solo Travel
Collection • 5 stories

Winter Trails

These winter trails will take you through a winter wonderland while cross-country skiing, snowshoeing snowmobiling, or hiking. 

Expert Tips to Catching Fish
Ultimate Après-Ski Experiences
Being Where the Wild Things Are
Collection • 8 stories


Stretch your legs and work up a sweat with one of these Ontario hikes.

Building Connections to People
2-night, 3-day Sugarbush-hopping Road Trip from Toronto
Collection • 5 stories

Longer Cycling Routes & Trips

Bringing Together the Best of Haliburton
Foraged Feast: Get Started Harvesting Wild Edibles
Historic Town Forgotten by Time: Dorset, Haliburton
Jigging Through Ice
3-Night Cross Country Edible Adventure