Come Wander

*Wander safe, wander local. Check your region’s local health guidelines before heading out.

These days the warm weather is telling us summer is here and we don’t need to be told twice to get out and embrace the outdoors and the freedom it offers through physical distancing. The best summer hikes not only take us into the wild places but if we’re lucky we might catch a glimpse of some wildlife and take in the rushing waters of the season’s high water.

Get your summer started with these nine treks through the beauty of Ontario’s Highlands. Remember to tread lightly on these trails; be respectful of others and leave no trace.

To break a sweat…

If you’re looking for a workout with a sweet reward at the end, these trails are for you.

The Palmerston-Canonto Trail

Circuit of Five Viewpoint Trails – Haliburton Highlands

This challenging five-kilometre trek is part of a network of trails that will take you through the beauty of the forests of Haliburton Highlands. The Circuit of 5 Viewpoints take hikers across the rugged Canadian Shield, which means less chance of boggy or wet conditions. Wander through a mixed forest and stop at the five viewpoints that overlook Ontario’s Highlands’ natural splendour.

 Getting There: Trailhead is searchable using Google maps and is located at 20219 Little Hawk Rd. (County Road 13) in Algonquin Highlands.

Refuel: The Mill Pond Restaurant’s hearty, homestyle dishes will be just the thing to perk you up after your trek. Once open you can dine outdoors on their patio for even more fresh air.

Palmerston-Canonto Conservation Area – North Frontenac

Choose from seven hiking trails that all go in one direction – up. You’re unlikely to get your feet wet on one of these challenging hikes that range up to one-kilometre in length. Don’t worry if you think that’s too short a trek, when you’re heading up an incline it will seem plenty long enough. Your efforts will be worthwhile when you get to the top to see the views overlooking Palmerston and Canonto lakes.

Getting There: There is parking right on Arcol Road in Ompah, with easy access to the trails. Bring your swimsuit as there is also a lovely and secluded beach that is part of the conservation area.

Refuel: Pick up some goodies on the way to this trail as there is nowhere nearby where you can grab a bite to eat afterwards. The Harvest Bakery in Elphin is a roughly 30-minute drive and has a lovely selection of home baked goods. If you’re looking for heartier fare, stop at Cardinal Café + Shop in Sharbot Lake for homemade soup, sandwiches and more.

To see wildlife….

Summer is when we’re likely to catch wildlife out and about and doing their wild things.  Tread lightly while traversing these paths and you never know what you might see.

Shaw Woods – Ottawa Valley

Explore four kilometres of trails that wind their way through this protected old-growth forest and wetlands. Walk slowly and keep your eyes open for the bald eagles which have been nesting here since 2009. You may also catch sight of lynx, deer, and rare species of song birds.

Getting There: The Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre is located at 2065 Bulger Rd. in Eganville. Parking is available on site and the location is searchable by Google maps.

Refuel: Fill your belly with a hearty burger or sandwich paired with a refreshing pint or two at Whitewater Brewery in Cobden. Pick up for take-out to dine at home, or on-site, when restrictions permit.

Perth Wildlife Reserve – Lanark County

Bring rubber boots because this trail could be a little boggy after a rain. Located on the Tay Marsh, this is the perfect place for wildlife spotting. Hike the three-and-a-half kilometre trail and keep your eyes peeled for deer, ducks, geese, and songbirds of all kinds. This reserve is 257-hectares in size and the trail is flat and level and easy to traverse.

Getting There: There is a parking area right onsite at 100 Wildlife Rd., only a five-minute drive from the charming small town of Perth.

Refuel: Make sure your boots are made for walking because you’ll want to take some time to explore Perth. Wander the downtown’s boutique shops and stop for a bite to eat on a patio at one of their many cafes and eateries (when restrictions allow). You can also take your food to go and dine outdoors in scenic Stewart Park.

Rose Hill Nature Reserve – Lennox & Addington

Wander the remote trail on this 358-acre property tucked deep in the forests of Addington Highlands. This area doesn’t get a lot of traffic which means you are more likely to come across some wildlife during your hike. Hike the three-and-a-half kilometre trail that takes you past small ponds, wetlands, and creeks, and under the canopy of a lush forest.

Getting There: Rose Hill Rd. is searchable by Google maps and located about two-and-a-half kilometres north of Denbigh. Watch for the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust sign for the Pumpkin Trail to find the parking area.

Refuel: Pick up some snacks to refuel after your trek at Rosie’s General Store, in Denbigh.

To see the spring thaw….

The Fourth Chute, Ottawa Valley

In early summer high water season means rushing rivers and creeks across Ontario’s Highlands. Take a hike to drink in the sight of nature’s impressive display of waterfalls, rapids, and swiftly flowing creeks.

Callaghan Rapids Conservation Area – Hastings County

This lesser-known gem isn’t all that far of a hike, but you won’t mind how short the walk is when you get to the view – two waterfalls, an upper and lower, that are about three feet high and roughly 150 feet across the entire width of the Crowe River.

Getting There: Park your car at the end of Callaghan Rapids Road and take one of the paths that leads to the river. Follow the river until you reach the falls.

Refuel: You won’t leave the Iron Grille in Marmora hungry, that’s for sure. Pick up your meal to go or if restrictions allow, settle in on their outdoor patio for a refreshing brew and a hearty meal.

Fourth Chute – Ottawa Valley

Get a spectacular view of the Bonnechere River here – there are two short paths north of the road that take you parallel to the river. South of the road is the main trail with multiple branching paths. Wander and marvel at the wonder of thousands of gallons of water rushing over this limestone riverbed.

Getting There: Parking is available on-site. The Bonnechere Caves are located right across the street so while you’re there (and if the caves are open) they are worth exploring as well.

Refuel: Indulge in a truly Canadian dining experience at the Axe and the Paddle in Eganville. This restaurant is brand spanking new, but their food has already gained a reputation for being stellar.

The Gut Conservation Area – Hastings County

The majestic power of the Crowe River is on full display here as it is funnelled through a large gorge (the “Gut”) for over 200 metres. Hike the trails in this 400-acre conservation area and spend some time at the lookout area taking in this natural marvel.

Getting There: There is a parking area on-site of the conservation area, which is searchable on Google maps. Find it south of Apsley, on South Lake Road.

Refuel: After your hike drop by The Barn Chefs and pick up everything you need to build an epic charcuterie board at home.

To stretch your legs….

Baird Trail – Lanark County

Not all hikes need to be a high intensity, full-day excursion, sometimes you’re just looking for a leisurely stroll in a natural setting, and maybe with a nice view at the end.

James Cooper Lookout Trail – Haliburton Highlands

This is a short but sweet trek that will take you to a fabulous lookout over Beech Lake and Boshkung Lake. At less than two kilometres, this trail has been classified as suitable for all skill levels, so if you’re not feeling it for a long, intense hike, this could be just the thing. Please note there is an incline that at times elevates the trail level to moderate.

Getting There: The trailhead is searchable on Google under “Coopers Lookout” and is located across from 1242 North Shore Rd. near Highway 35 in Algonquin Highlands. The Stanhope Museum is nearby and makes for a pleasant educational addition to a visit here.

Refuel: Country Bakery is a cute little bakery just a few minutes from the trailhead. For something new, try their “Walking Tacos” made with Doritos nacho chips topped with in-house chili, lettuce, cheese and salsa.

Baird Trail – Lanark County

This short trail is suitable for all skill levels, with a boardwalk covering part of the trail that runs through a sedge wetland. At less than one-kilometre, the Baird Trail is a beautiful trail to explore, without breaking a sweat. Wander through a hardwood forest where you’ll come across the evidence of past farming in the area in the old split-rail fences that were typical for Lanark County.

Getting There: Baird Trail is located near Middleville in Lanark County; the address is 1024 County Road 8. There is an on-site parking area with information about the trail and the area’s history.

Refuel: Almonte is only a roughly 15 minute drive from the trail where you’ll find a number of excellent restaurants to fill you up. If you’re into pizza, the patio at Joe’s Italian Kitchen will be just the place to refuel, when it reopens. You can also stop in at Baker Bob’s to pick up some fresh-baked goods, and maybe a loaf of bread to take home with you.


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Unique winter experiences in Ontario’s Highlands that will give you something to brag about.

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With Love, to Frontenac County

Now more than ever we are drawn to our community, and the places that help us to unwind and get outdoors. To get away from the crowds and reconnect with our roots. Frontenac County tempts us to sit back, unwind and check into vacation mode, to rediscover a world of countless lakes and a region […]

With Love, to Haliburton Highlands

We are so lucky to come from a place that has it all: phenomenal views, rugged landscapes, abundance of trails, and infinite opportunities for recreation, all enticing you to leave your comfort zone and step into the wild. Here, endless forests meet cool, clear lakes and rivers to create incredible vistas that reach out to […]

With Love, to the Ottawa Valley

From the rushing waters of the Petawawa, Madawaska and Ottawa rivers to the unspoiled woodlands of Algonquin Park, the Ottawa Valley is a sultry enchantress, enticing us with adventure. Renowned as a world-class whitewater destination and for the challenges found in its rugged hills and lush dales, the Valley pushes us to do more, live […]

With Love, to Lennox & Addington

Known for its pristine wilderness, incredible views and rugged natural spaces, the majestic beauty of Lennox & Addington speaks to the wanderer inside us all. From the craggy peak of Mazinaw Rock at Bon Echo Provincial Park to the starry skies overhead, there is wonder waiting to be discovered here, a vivid reminder of how our […]

With Love, to Hastings County

The deep lakes and meandering rivers here are ripe with life, both on land and in the water. This land is known as a region rich with minerals, and we haven’t forgotten how our communities were settled by the gold rush, where miners flocked, eager to delve into the earth to unearth its riches. Thick […]

Feel Like a Kid Again

Remember when your whole summer was devoted to swimming, playing, catching frogs, and finding adventures? At one time, this was an entire season fueled by ice cream, Freezies, and hot dogs. August always felt so short, and by the time it rolled around you’d scramble to finish your summer bucket list, savouring each shortened day […]

Cycle Haliburton

What’s your favourite flavour of cycling? Do you prefer digging in off-road, pedaling hard for speed and distance, or just a light taste with a short meander? A bike ride can be what you want to make of it, which is part of the fun, isn’t it? Haliburton Highlands’ varied terrain calls cyclists to explore […]

Bikepacking in North Frontenac

Imagine a weekend of backcountry camping in a quiet forest just a few hours from Ottawa or Toronto. As you settle down at camp, you think back to the fresh moose tracks you saw earlier that day and the amazing swim you had when you stopped for lunch. The scenery feels familiar but something’s different. […]

Your Guide to COVID-19 Safe Travel in Ontario’s Highlands

This year the key to exploring is to keep it local; this is the time to explore our own backyards, and the regions close to home that have so much to offer us in the way of exhilarating outdoor experiences, fantastic food and drink, and blissful relaxation. If you’re exploring a new corner of Ontario’s […]

Go Backcountry

You waken slowly in the early morning, the high-pitched warble of birdsong drifting lightly through the trees overhead. The sky is faintly brightening with the coming of dawn, and the natural world is gradually blossoming to life. Around you there is no trace of human activity, no murmurs of voices, clanging of dishes, or whir […]

An Ode to Summer

A throwback to summers gone past, with inspiration for this year’s adventure.

Just Show Up

Hit the water and take advantage of these easy kayaking and canoeing opportunities in Ontario’s Highlands.

Highway 7 Hikes

Stretch your legs by exploring these nature hiking trails along Highway 7.

Spring is Calling

Hanging around the city when the scents of spring are tantalizingly tickling your nose is tough. This is when you yearn to get away from the slush, pack the car and head out for an almost-spring getaway to the countryside, where baby animals, maple syrup, G-rated fun, and fresh air are calling. Get out of […]

Spring Break

The sun is warm, the air smells like spring, and the birds are singing their special warm weather songs. It’s official; spring has sprung. After a long Canadian winter, spring getaways are a time-honoured tradition for families here in the great white north, and haven’t we earned a little fun in the sun? This is […]

Winter Just Got Awesome

Learn to climb or brush up on your skills with an epic ice climbing adventure at SOIceFest 2020 in Maynooth, ON.

Ultimate Après-Ski Experiences

Meet up with friends after a day well spent on the slopes or on the trails. Discover these top places in Ontario’s Highlands to celebrate the Apres Ski!

Climb a Wall of Ice

Challenge yourself to reach new heights with an ice climbing adventure at these places across Ontario’s Highlands.

Embrace the Dog Days of Winter

If you can’t beat winter, join it with an epic dog sledding excursion through some of the most beautiful forests in Ontario.

GPS Guru

Meet Mary Barker, the Wilberforce woman who’s making Haliburton world-renowned for geocaching.  Wilberforce, Ontario, County of Haliburton The roads to Wilberforce are winding and majestic, flanked by high pine trees and birches, nestled between the hard rock and calm lakes that make up the Canadian Shield. Mary Barker knows these roads and waterways well, having […]

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Discover ways to give a mom a Mother’s Day to remember, with gift ideas that go above and beyond.

Batter up!

Get a behind the scenes look into the world of baseball at Sam Bat.

Where Am I?

Climb to new heights at the Medeba Ice Wall and enjoy the unique view from the top.

Where Am I?

Make fresh tracks along premium snowmobile trail, the RAP Tour Loop.

Winter? Bring it!

Discover your love for the season with a classic Ottawa Valley winter.

One Last Ride

Watch JR Alli’s video and see what he discovers when he allows himself to just wander.

An Action-Packed Weekend

Read how Will Tang from Going Awesome Places raced muscle cars and experienced thrills on the rapids with whitewater raftering in the Ottawa Valley.

Whitewater Rafting as a Family

Read about how one family took on whitewater rafting on the Madawaska River and why they can’t wait to do it again.

The Freedom Finder

I’m a Freedom Finder. I wander with speed! I seek out opportunities to make fresh tracks, blaze new trails, and get my adrenaline pumping.

Where Am I

Explore the sweet moments and ageless beauty of Perth, Ontario.

All Terrain, All the Time

Pack your saddle bags and press the throttle for an ATV adventure like no other in Ontario’s Highlands.

Raging the Rapids

SUP Instructor Courtney Sinclair takes her passion for paddle boarding to the whitewater.