Is there anything better than a fresh doughnut? Seriously, hats off to whoever thought it was a good idea to throw a ring of dough in the fryer, then slather on some sweet and sticky glaze.

With doughnut creators constantly pushing the boundaries, today you don’t have to look far to find a doughnut shop that specializes in churning out fresh handmade goodies with unique flavours and toppings far more sophisticated than a plain old honey dip. Read on to find out where you can get the finest doughnut creations in Ontario’s Highlands.

Healthy Food Technologies

Doughnuts often get a bad rap considering their traditional deep-fried cooking method. What if we told you that you could have a doughnut for 50-70% less fat and considerably fewer calories, without compromising taste?

Healthy Food Technologies, known simply as HFT, has mastered guilt-free doughnuts in so many different flavours you’ll find it hard to narrow down your choice. One visit to their shop in Almonte will have you wondering how they could possibly make such mouth-watering reduced-fat versions of favourites like jelly-filled, classic dips, and fritters.

McGuire’s Doughnuts

McGuire’s Doughnuts opened their doors in 2018 and today, they are absolutely thriving at filling the city’s of Pembroke's doughnut needs. Plan a visit to this popular spot to find out why the locals rave about their fresh made pastries. Keep an eye out for classics like cinnamon sugar, or mix it up and find a new favourite.

Cardinal Café and Shop

Cardinal Café in Sharbot Lake, just minutes off of Highway 7, is the perfect spot for a road trip stop when your crew is craving a bite to eat and some homemade goodies. The owners of this sweet cafe housed in an old church have found their niche in doughnuts.

Save room after lunch for a cream-filled favourite or embrace local flavours with their maple bacon doughnut, made with Conboy maple syrup, which is produced less than ten minutes down the road.

BlackFly GrubHub

BlackFly Grub Hub is a Lanark County favourite in a fabulous location in downtown Perth's heritage building, Code's Mill. Prepare to have your mind blown with their vast selection of traditional and not-so-traditional doughnut flavours. These folks have a rotating selection of more adventurous donut flavours to choose from but you're sure to find something that's just right for your taste buds.

Maverick's Donuts

Take your doughnut experience to the next level with one of these fun and unique sweet treats from the experts. These folks have vegan options, too, so no one need do without one of these classic treats. For a fun alternative, try their Mini Mavs, otherwise known as doughnut holes. You can find Maverick's Donuts in both Arnprior and Carleton Place in Ontario's Highlands.

Holey Confections

If you have ever looked for a reason to explore doughnuts from a new perspective, this is the place to go. Try their pastry-style 140 layer doughnuts or one of their vegan, traditional yeast risen option. Their slogan is that your "diet starts tomorrow" and after sampling one of these doughy snacks you'll know why. Note that you can't just swing by to pick up a baker's dozen, doughnuts must be ordered in advance.