Come Wander
ATV in Ontario's Highlands

Do you hear that? The humid breeze rustling through the trees, the sunlight sparkling off the lake, and the sound of life being breathed back into the land? The warm weather is calling.

Break loose from the everyday monotony and make your heart rate soar by embracing one thing: MUD – not the gardening kind, but the kind that flies during that exhilarating moment when your hefty ATV wheels hit the slippery substance of a muddy spring track. Twist around granite cliffs, splash through rivers, and grapple the mud bogs during an ATV tour in Ontario’s Highlands.

Let your thirst for adventure guide you as you dart deep into the woods, dodge between trees, and feel the rumble of the engine beneath you. Not from around here? Find a route that’s just the perfect amount of muddy by tapping into some local organizations that have just as much passion for getting dirty as you do. Order a pass from Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance (EOTA) to explore the trails maintained by the Renfrew County ATV Club, or one from the Haliburton ATV Association to take advantage of their large network of trails.

Looking for an insider scoop? Pull on clothes that can get dirty, bring your ATV and take advantage of the knowledge of Hastings County and Frontenac County with Guided ATV Tours. Charge up to Eagle’s Nest cliff where the steep thrill of the trail is matched only by the sight of the York River Valley at your feet. Or rent an ATV and follow your guide with Back Country Tours around Haliburton to discover manoeuvres to plough through massive bogs and climb rocks on rough terrain.

After a day spent discovering the best spots to get the mud flying, hearing nothing but the rev of your engine, and exploring new heights, you’re sure to be covered in mud and pleasantly exhausted.


Ontario’s Highlands Insiders

Knowledgeable in uncovering hidden gems, making fresh tracks, embracing new perspectives, and disconnecting from the everyday, this group of experts is happy to share their wisdom with you. With a passion for local stories, a love of delicious food, and a thirst for unrehearsed days, this team is made up of creative minds and wandering souls.


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