Located in #MyHaliburtonHighlands, Minden is your gateway to outdoor adventure, small-town charm and so much more. Only 2.5 hours from Toronto and about a four-hours’ drive from Ottawa, Minden makes for a great escape from the big city, come sun or snow, rain or shine.

Walking through town is like walking through a painting. Stroll down the Minden River Walk along the shores of the Gull River and take in the spectacular view that’s made for those looking to disconnect – a lush green path to walk, wooden carvings to admire along the way, and beautiful plants that come to life in the spring.

Next, continue into town to wander through the retail shops and grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant or bakery, and enjoy the rest of your afternoon strolling with a coffee in hand. If you’re visiting in the summer time, check out the Minden Farmer’s Market for seasonal produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods and hand-crafted artisan items that will give you a taste of this charming town’s culture and flavours.

Stay overnight at one of the lovely Bed and Breakfasts or rustic lodges, like the Heather Lodge, located in Minden, and find an outdoor playground at your doorstep in the morning. Follow your own path on a hike or mineral collecting trip in the County of Haliburton, or have a passionate local introduce you to the area’s memorable moments by reaching out to experience providers like Yours Outdoors and Adventure Haliburton. Whether you’re peacefully paddling down a lake, horseback riding through the wilderness or scaling a rock wall, the area is full of opportunities to recharge away from the city.