This content is part of the broader Our Connections campaign, and is intended to broaden the understanding of Indigenous peoples, their cultures, and their histories in Ontario’s Highlands.

Canadians are becoming more aware of the injustices perpetrated against Indigenous Peoples since settlers arrived on the shores of Turtle Island (North America). Still, many of us aren’t fully aware the history and its lasting impacts on Indigenous communities today.

Learning (or education) is paramount to understanding, connecting with, and supporting Indigenous Peoples and communities. Land stewardship and conservation, righting historical wrongs and respecting treaties and treaty rights are among the ways of supporting these communities.

To support and encourage the ongoing education and understanding in Ontario, we have compiled this list of resources. Please take a few moments to review some of these webpages and documents to see how you can begin your journey to becoming a better ally to Indigenous peoples, and to inform yourself of their existence here in our communities- their cultures, traditions, celebrations and struggles, as you would any neighbour.

This list is not comprehensive, and we encourage those visiting Ontario’s Highlands to continue learning about the First Nations that call this land their own (Algonquin, Mohawk, and Ojibwe), those who were here before, and their trials, tribulations and triumphs over the past several hundred years.

Information about Indigenous Cultures in Canada

This provincial website has information on Indigenous demographics in Ontario.

Traditional Territories

This resource offers information about how to learn which Indigenous land you live, visit, or work on. It’s important to acknowledge their presence and their history and claim to the land.

Land Acknowledgement Resource Guide

This resource guide has additional information for Indigenous land acknowledgements and why you should have one

Indigenous Tourism

This document offers information about what authentic Indigenous tourism is, and how to ensure you are not supporting cultural appropriation of Indigenous peoples.

Meaningful Consultations

Do you have an issue with which you’d like to consult with Indigenous peoples? This paper discusses how to meaningfully consult with these communities.

Donating Land

In light of some First Nations’ struggle to reclaim their homelands in Canada, some landowners have chosen to donate their lands back to Indigenous peoples.. Information about this process can be found on this page.