Incredible lakes. Scenic views. A variety of species of fish to catch, all within a short drive of Toronto and Ottawa. These are just a few of the reasons why anglers in Ontario love fishing in Ontario’s Highlands, and none more than Ashley Rae. The woman behind the popular She Loves to Fish blog, Ashley spent this past summer exploring the picturesque lakes in Ontario’s Highlands, and couldn’t wait for them to harden in the winter months for an opportunity to try some ice fishing.

This February, that moment finally came.

With a friend in tow and a parka on this time around, Ashley got back out on the lakes in the region, ready to create new memories and memorable catches – on the ice.

What she found? The same serene-yet-invigorating moments, made even more special by the snow-capped landscape.

Check out the video below for Ashley’s expert tips on fishing in Ontario’s Highlands during the winter months, including how to choose the best location, what kind of rod to bring, and what species of fish you should be prepared to reel in (hint: it rhymes with “shout”).