Come Wander
Road Trips in Ontario's Highlands

It’s more than a destination. The random stops, the laughter in the car, and the unpredictable moments – those are what make the best memories. Fill the car and explore windy roads and vast landscapes to discover why Ontario’s Highlands is the place to simply Wander.


Backroad Burgs and Brews

Discover 10 craft breweries along with 10 delectable burger joints to indulge your taste buds near Ottawa.

One Last Ride

Watch JR Alli’s video and see what he discovers when he allows himself to just wander.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Find out where to appease your creative side on this Creative Cruiser road trip.

Roam If You Want To

Follow along with Chris from Travelling Mitch as he wanders through Haliburton Highlands and Hastings County on the Rustic Roamer Road Trip.

Where Am I?

Discover the big things happening in the small towns along the Rideau Canal.

Life is a Highway

Two wanderers explore 135 kilometres of hidden gems in Hastings County.

Hair-Raising Drives

Explore roads of Ontario with these drives that make you reach for your hairbrush.

Roads Worth Riding

Plan your next motorcycle ride along the hand-crafted roads of Ontario’s Highlands. Wind around vast lakes, to fill up on culinary delights, and converse with friendly locals.

Journal of a Foodie

Take a journey through Ontario’s Highlands on a road trip that will satisfy your inner foodie.