Come Wander
OHTO Programs

The Tourism Development Partnership Program (TDPP) is an application based program designed to encourage and support collaborative tourism development initiatives that reflect the Come Wander regional brand platform, that align with the OHTO’s strategic objectives, and that can demonstrate long term benefits to the region.

If you are interested in this program, we encourage you to review the Program Guidelines and Application and complete the self-assessment checklist, then contact OHTO to discuss your project BEFORE you apply. Project ideas are entertained throughout the year, however potential applicants should keep in mind the fiscal time frame of April 1 to March 31. Partnership agreements are established for eligible projects as long as funds are available. The level of support will be determined case-by-case, based on contribution ratios outlined in the Guidelines, the strength of the project and probability to contribute to the expected outcomes.

Contact OHTO to learn more.