Come Wander
Wilberforce Ontario

Wilberforce is one of several towns located in the heart of #MyHaliburtonHighlands, where serenity seekers, freedom finders and more flock every year to enjoy the great outdoors and the many experiences available in town and in the region.

A short drive from Ottawa and only a few hours from Toronto, the Haliburton Highlands are known as “A natural work of art,” and the scenic backdrops of Wilberforce can attest to that.

Located in a region that’s gaining popularity for being the Geocaching Capital of Canada, all you need is a GPS and your curiosity to really explore Wilberforce and the surrounding area. It’s a fun, adventurous, and increasingly popular way to find adventure deep in the woods or along trails any time of year.

But that’s not the only “claim to fame” that’s drawing new visitors to uncover this lovely town.

In 2010, the Municipality of Highlands East became the first municipality in the province to hold unpatented mining claims! Why, you ask? Near Wilberforce, they discovered some great places to collect coloured gemstones and rare minerals that they wanted to make sure would stay open for everyone to enjoy.

At the Mumford Road claim, you’ll find sparkling green and purple gemstones in the rough littering the ground on this 400 acre Crown forest property with ample parking and scenic trails. Whether you’re looking to hunt for buried treasure or go for a walk in the woods, you’ll delight in this hidden gem of Highlands East – yours to explore! And just off Cedar Lake Road, you’ll find 100 acres of Crown wilderness with convenient parking and plentiful mineral collecting opportunities – less than two kilometers from town. While it might take a trained eye to spot some of the rare minerals that have made the Desmont Mine a popular destination, you don’t have to be a seasoned collector find pretty bright green rocks for the garden, or just enjoy being outdoors. And be sure to ask in town about the Gibson’s Road Occurrence while you’re there too (you might just have to plan to stay a little longer!).


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