Come Wander

I’m an opportunity to not only walk on water, but to rock on water. As you listen to my voice echo amongst the trees, you’ll experience an intimate moment in the middle of a crowd. Where Am I?

Grab the hand of your partner as you venture through the woods at sunset, following the sounds of an intimate crowd awaiting an incredible performance. Feel the wonder of the moment as you walk the path towards the water, enjoying the lights twinkling through the surrounding trees before you burst through and see it: a stage in the middle of the lake set against a backdrop of an incredible sunset.

…I am the Bone Lake Amphitheatre, one venue of The Forest Festival

Set on a floating stage on Bone Lake and in the Historic Logging Museum, The Forest Festival takes place annually in August and features some of Canada’s leading performers. An event like no other, you can disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with friends while taking in big-name performances and breath-taking views.

Take your seats as the first strumming begins and the music fills the evening sky. As you absorb the concert, become united with the natural setting and feel the experience bond you with those around you; those also lucky enough to be part of this exclusive experience.

This year, The Forest Festival takes place August 16-20, 2017 and will be celebrating their 10th anniversary year with a lineup of great Canadian talent including Buffy Sainte-Marie, Jimmy Rankin, Angel Forrest, and The Jim Cuddy Trio.


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