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Celebrate Canada By Traveling Back in Time

Can you imagine what it must have felt like as town bells chimed, rifles rang out, and canons boomed across the land on July 1, 1867, announcing the newly formed country of Canada? Surely the air must have been crackling with excitement and buzzing with energy during this monumental moment.

With 2017 marking 150 years since Confederation, we recommend embracing history by travelling back to year one: 1867. Step back in time to discover the lives of those who came before us, try your hand at an ancient skill, or taste the flavours celebrated long before our time. We put together our suggestions below for how you can travel back to 1867 in Ontario’s Highlands, and celebrate Canada’s 150th all year long.

Beckwith Edible Park: Wander through heritage apple, cherry, butternut, and currant trees representing those found in Beckwith 150 years ago, adjacent to a replica 1867 one-room log schoolhouse. Take a stroll down memory lane, reflect on the agricultural history of the region, and celebrate the bounty from the land at the annual Lanark County Harvest Festival held in Beckwith Park on September 10.

Make Like a Canadian: Try your hand at age-old Canadian traditions or practices as you discover skills like how to build a canoe, frame a barn, weave a basket, fish, cook a shore lunch, or forage.

Classic Theatre Festival: Travel back in time during the walking play, A Nation Lost and Found, with Classic Theatre Festival in Perth between June 21 and August 27. Explore the town’s heritage history, observe Perth residents as they go about their lives at the time of Confederation, and discover the conflicts, challenges, and everyday dreams of those who once lived inside the fabulous architecture of the town.

The Canadian Clock Museum: Discover 150 years of Canadian-made clocks and wonder at the craftsmanship behind these beautiful, intricate pieces. Let your passionate tour guide take you through the history as you marvel at this incredible technology that has stood the test of time.

For more events happening throughout the year to celebrate this monumental birthday across Canada, please click here.

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