Come Wander
Maple Taffy

Picture this: you’re visiting a sugar bush where the sun shines through the maple trees. As the icicles drip off the pancake house rooftop, you soak in the fresh air and warmth of promised spring days ahead.

Suddenly, a nearby activity catches your attention.

Your eyes begin to dance as you spot maple syrup being poured onto a bank of fresh snow. As the maple syrup cascades, it creates a puddle and eventually freezes on top of the snow. A Popsicle stick gets placed in the maple syrup puddle and that’s when you realize: you’re about to treat yourself to a Canadian delicacy.
This is the maple taffy experience.

Maple taffy is a much-loved and unique treat in Lanark County. It’s a creation that honours and connects our natural landscape to Mother Nature’s offerings. We can (maple taffy) cheers to that.

Hailed as the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario, Lanark County is no stranger to sugar-bush traditions and the families who have brought maple syrup to our plates and palettes for generations.

When you come to Lanark County’s maple-tree-lined forests to test drive the maple syrup, you experience so much more than the syrup itself: you experience long-time family traditions, serene landscapes, friendly faces, and, yes, even maple taffy.

The Sugar Bush Experience

The maple taffy moment is just one iota of what you’ll encounter when visiting a Lanark County maple sugar bush. Many sugar bushes come with a pancake house, trails and even museums.

Our proud, Lanark County maple syrup producers are passionate about their craft and creative about their offerings.
Whether you make an escape from the city or take the kids out for brunch, Lanark County maple syrup producers offer you the full maple syrup experience, and we politely insist that you carve a visit into your calendar.
Here’s a snapshot of some of Lanark County’s most popular spots and what they’re best known for:

Wheelers Maple Syrup

With walking trails, museums, a playground, animal barn, a gorgeous log cabin restaurant and more, Wheelers is definitely more than just maple syrup.

And they’re open 365 days a year.

This family-owned operation truly offers all you’d never know you wanted in a sugar-bush experience. Seriously. Not only can you walk the trails, play on the playground and visit their museum, you also get to experience a Guinness World Record: they hold the most chainsaws.

Lastly, you’ll feel like family when you visit as the Wheelers truly are the sweetest people (pun intended).

Thompsontown Maple Products

When you visit a seventh-generation farm, there will be stories to uncover. Lots of them. So, when you arrive at Thompsontown Maple Products in Clayton, you can hear that history while discovering the 400-acre farm where the award-winning maple syrup is produced each spring.

Thompsontown has that cozy, welcoming feel where you can really connect with the owners in an authentic way. And that’s exactly what they want to give to you.

You can explore the wooded trails, sit by the campfire, and sample some maple taffy (score!), all while feeding your innate curiosity about maple syrup production and the people who make it.

Fulton’s Sugar Bush

If you want a truly epic family experience, head to Fulton’s Sugar Bush in Pakenham. They’ve been in the maple syrup business long before Canada became a country and, as a result, they have a lot of pride in their story and in the family experience.

They’re well known for their Maple farm, which produces pure organic Ontario Maple Syrup as well as several gourmet maple products. Each year, Fulton’s runs the Winter Magic & Maple Harvest Season, which has special activities each weekend and on holidays, including horse-drawn sleigh rides, face painting, campfires and even live music.
You’ll then want to stop in at the Pancake House for pancakes and unlimited maple syrup.

But, wait: what about the maple taffy?

Ah, yes.

Let’s get you back to the sugar bush, standing in front of the maple taffy snow-covered table.

You stop, pick up a stick, and slow down for a moment to soak in that deliciously unique treat you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

It’s one of those simple yet delicious moments that bring so much joy.


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