Come Wander
Hot Tub at Grail Springs

No matter how much the city lends itself to a good life – offering fulfilling jobs, places to exercise, and good food – our bodies still send signals that all is not well: muscles ache from days at a desk, heart rates elevate from all the rushing around, and the pressures of life are enough to keep anyone awake at night. No matter how much we try to fight them off, these symptoms are bound to appear at sometime or another.

Looking for a prescription? Here it is: soaking away your worries while soaking in some hot views.

What classifies as a hot view? One that lets you gaze upon the beauty of nature – whether that’s the warm colours of fall, a twinkling blanket of fresh snow in the winter, or the sparkling lakes of summer, – all from the comfortable, muscle-relaxing heat of a hot tub. As soothing water fuses with a stunning panorama, that’s when peace creeps like tendrils into your spirit.

Sitting in a hot tub with nothing else to do – no emails to write, no phones to answer – it’s all just calming water and contemplation. You absolutely have to stop and just listen, watch — and soak.

You may be tempted to close your eyes, tip your head back, and listen to the Black River flowing and the wind rustling through the trees around the hot tub at Black River Retreat. The wilderness setting is a treat for the eyes and the ears and will leave you feeling totally relaxed while the hot tub soothes your aches and pains. The contrast of flickering torches and twinkling lights around the deck against the night sky provides the perfect escape from city lights and pressures.

The 360-degree rooftop solarium at Stouffer Mill B & B takes care of those life pressures. Way up there, you feel as if you’re floating not just in calming water but in blue sky, sunlight, and forest. Or, if you’re suspended up there at night watching the Milky Way and maybe even seeing some shooting stars, the hypnotic power of the water and the view combine to place you far away from your usual world.

And those achy muscles? For a floating experience that gives extra relief to your joints, the extra buoyancy of the mineral-rich soaking tub at Grail Springs relieves your body of the pressures of gravity. Next to it stands a dry Finnish sauna sure to help with the relaxation and warm you to your core. You’ll lose all track of time as soothing minerals creep into your pores while you gaze out at the beauty of the property, tumbling down to the calming edge of Chalice Lake.

But be careful: in these multi-sensory experiences, side effects may include:

  • complete decompression of stress
  • restful submersion and submission into relaxation mode
  • sight of nature’s eye candy
  • your body, soul, and spirit feeling 100% restored


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