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Relieve Stress at Heather Lodge

Close your eyes. Imagine soaking away your worries in a hot tub, letting the bubbling water soothe you, and feeling lighter with each deep breath.

With all the chaos and to-do lists you juggle on the regular, travelling gives you the perfect opportunity to make time for you.

Take a moment to sit still and dream, to immerse yourself in activities designed to renew, and to rediscover what you look like when the pressures of the everyday are far away. Below is our list of seven places where you don’t have to do anything but rejuvenate every molecule of your being.

1) Circa 1894 B&B

Location: Watsons Corners, Ontario

Refreshing Moments
The soothing steam in the outdoor collection of hot tubs and saunas is perfect for that feeling of restoration. Throw in a sweeping handful of stars, and the responsibilities you’ve left behind will start to disappear from your mind like the steam evaporating into darkness. And when you practice thermo-therapy – immersion into heat, then cold, then plenty of relaxation – all that cortisol carried over the past few months will drip from your pores and be washed away.

The Girlfriend’s Package offers the chance to spend two nights at the B&B together: Relaxing in the hot tubs and sauna, enjoying Swedish or Deep Tissue massages or a Reiki Treatment, and of course, plenty of deep belly laughs.

2) Sir Sam’s Inn & WaterSpa

Location: Haliburton, Ontario

Refreshing Moments
The stirring sight of forests mirrored in the smooth surface of Eagle Lake are enough to heal any tired spirit, and the on-site WaterSpa has the power to send the cares of the world far away. The water massages are designed for specific areas of the body, so you can simply close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of your knots and tension being worked away by the streaming water.

A quick car ride will bring you to Abbey Gardens, with gardens and trails to further renew your soul, and fresh, homemade soups and sandwiches – made with local produce – to nourish your body.

3) Sands on Golden Lake

Location: Golden Lake between Eganville and Barry’s Bay, Ontario

Refreshing Moments
You’ll feel your mind and body rejuvenate the minute you enter this Inn perched on a beach. The lake need never leave your view during your restorative spa treatments, while you bask in the sun on the deck, enjoy delicious food in their dining room, or when you gaze out the window of your room.

If you feel like taking a lazy, calming drive around the region, we’d recommend pointing your car in the direction of the little town of Killaloe: home of the Beaver Tail. There’s nothing quite as comforting as biting into a gooey soft pastry.

4) Black River Retreat

Location: Tweed, Ontario

Refreshing Moments
This is the ultimate retreat from the busyness of the world. As the only occupants of the retreat, you’ll be free to laugh as loud as you want, and you won’t have to lift a finger. Feel a world away from it all as the opulent woodlands enfold you and the hush of evening descends upon you, the only other person around your private retreat is your host bringing you his renowned dinners and breakfasts.

Add some extra pampering to your stay by talking to the host about booking a massage or a yoga class on site, or take a short drive to tour Potter Settlement Artisan Winery and pick up a bottle of local wine to accompany your dinner.

5) Tay River Reflections

Location: Perth, Ontario

Refreshing Moments
Book ahead of time to spend an unhurried day enfolded in warm, plush robes and soaking in the soothing waters of Tay River AQUA with friends (by reservation only). It won’t take long for utter relaxation to take over.

As a medical spa, you can coordinate more traditional relaxation treatments or indulge in even more serene and specialized pampering. Take the time to choose a treatment that suits you, from a simple massage to specialized techniques like reflexology.

6) Heather Lodge

Location: Minden, Ontario

Refreshing Moments
With activities and trails close at hand, you can sink into each day without a planned schedule for one. Meander the sandy beach or paddle soothingly along the shore, perhaps meeting more permanent residents like the loon and the blue heron. Renewed by your host’s delicious meals, your responsibilities will feel far away.

Insider Tip
Ask about spa services when you book and plan ahead with Wind in the Willows Day Spa to enjoy some extra pampering without having to leave the property.

7) Grail Springs Retreat for Wellbeing

Location: Chalice Lake near Bancroft, Ontario

Refreshing Moments
Everything you do here has an aspect of healing attached to it. This small, woodsy resort is a holistic retreat, set-up to maximize your healing and renewal through restful therapies, the healing power of nature, and delicious healthy meals.

Grail Springs keeps horses, which you can help feed if you want, who are part of the therapies on offer. From Equine Meditation Circles to guided horseback rides (link Equine Meditation Circles to guided horseback rides, the calming presence of these graceful animals puts a unique twist to your days of refreshment.


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