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Sigrid Naturals

The moment I pulled up to Sigrid Naturals I knew I would leave with more than I was seeking. The outside of the shop is an art piece with a welcoming walkway. Sigrid immediately greeted me at the door with a friendly warm smile. Her passion for using local wild natural ingredients came through in the amazing stories she told throughout my visit.

A car accident is what started Sigrid’s journey to making healing salve from wild plants. She was first taught how to make Comfrey Healing Salve from a community member, Diana Macauley. She soon after saw the positive results it was having on treating her scars. Comfrey, a wild flower, can be used to treat skin problems and muscle pains. She had raw comfrey roots in the shop that she used to describe what role they play in her salves.

Sigrid spent a few years making creams out of her tiny apartment in Toronto. While there, she was featured in the Toronto Star, which launched the start of Sigrid Naturals. Realizing that big city life wasn’t serving her, she spent time travelling and learning about wild plants in France among several countries. Sigrid has spent many years teaching adults and youth her passion of harvesting wild plants and turning them into healing products. She is now happily home in Wilno. There are photo stories throughout the shop that showcase Sigrid’s life work, which are very enriching.

Inside the bright and cheerful shop, Sigrid was more than happy to allow me to test any of her products. She was patient in answering my questions about everything I tried. There were labeled jars with dried wild plants open to waft each sensational scent. Some delightful smells were rose, lavender and Labrador tea. This sampling helped me choose my favourite, so I could better pick a product I would be happy lathering myself in. Gyspy Body Butter was my personal favourite. There were other helpful items throughout the shop that made it an enjoyable interactive experience. I felt at ease in the shop, with no need to rush.

After exploring the myriad of products in the shop, Sigrid took me on an interpretative tour around the property. She pointed out some of the plants she uses as ingredients and discussed their healing qualities. I was quite surprised to see so many different types of wild plants around the shop, including roses. I had only thought about roses as a pretty flower, but didn’t realize they can be used for many other purposes. Seeing and smelling all the beautiful colours made me think about being a carefree child again, and having theses explained by Sigrid is something I would recommend to visitors.

Furthermore, Sigrid has a wealth of knowledge about local culture and nearby hidden gems to roam, and is filled with secrets about keeping your skin and spirit vibrant.

Products from Sigrid Naturals I would recommend for the Rustic Roamer are:

Gypsy Body Butter

This is a wild earthy blend that keeps your skin smooth and moisturized all day. With just once a day application you have extra time to explore.

Comfrey Healing Salve

Great for mending skin, and relieving muscle pains. This is prefect for the Rustic Roamer who wants to keep wandering, without the pain of sunburns and sore legs.

Morning Mist Spritzer

Start your day off right with this uplifting mist. It is citrusy with lavender to keep you energized and ready to immerse yourself in your journey.

Pet Spaw Healing Balm

If you are roaming with your fury friend, this is a must have. This product has naturally wild ingredients to help your loyal pal with wounds, bug bites and more.


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