Come Wander
Stewart Park in Perth Ontario

I am older than the country I call home. Sweet Canadian gold flows above my surface, while rich Scottish ties encase my roots. Where am I?

Wander through a town filled with history, exploding with flavour, abundant in culture, and joyous in its celebrations.

…I am Perth, Ontario

Discover the rich heritage that runs through the Town of Perth. Around every corner lies a beautiful hint from the past: heritage buildings crafted by 19th century masons; the Tay River flowing through town; the elegant Matheson House Museum emulating life in the 1840s; friendly locals and a strong community feel.

Celebrate the culture and history of this community at events throughout the summer. Embrace the rural lifestyle as you chat with local farmers and artisans at the Perth Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings from May until October. Don your plaid to connect with the town’s Scottish roots while stretching your legs during the Perth Kilt Run on June 23. Cheer on musical and cultural talent and dance among friends at the Stewart Park Festival, taking place July 13-15.

Spend the day tapping into your creative side during a workshop with Art and Class uncovering unique finds as you roam the boutiques and shops downtown, and being amazed by the talent of others during a show or walking tour with Classic Theatre Festival.

Delight your taste buds with fresh flavours from around the world, homemade favourites, and local maple treats at restaurants and cafes around town, and work off those scrumptious meals by stretching your muscles and peddling or paddling along rivers and trails with Heritage Bikes and Rentals or Perth Outfitters.

Ontario’s Highlands Insiders

Knowledgeable in uncovering hidden gems, making fresh tracks, embracing new perspectives, and disconnecting from the everyday, this group of experts is happy to share their wisdom with you. With a passion for local stories, a love of delicious food, and a thirst for unrehearsed days, this team is made up of creative minds and wandering souls.


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Locals Know Best: Art & Culture

When it comes to finding the best spots for satisfying your wandering mind and learning about the vibrant culture in Ontario’s Highlands, there’s no better way to uncover hidden gems than to turn to the locals.