Come Wander
Unlimited Thrills at Bonniew View Inn

Are you setting out to seek some thrills? It seems unfair how short weekends are compared to the rest of the week. After days spent under workplace pressures, feeling tied to the desk and staring at electronic screens, two days just aren’t long enough – unless you have a game plan.

Imagine being in one action-packed location where your heart can keep pounding, and your joints and muscles can keep striving to respond to the job they’re meant for during one energy-expending activity after another — without having to waste time on a car trip in between.

We put together a list of our top four places where you can park the car and go, all day long.

1. Adrenaline-Rich Haliburton Forest

With the chance to walk amongst the clouds, plenty of places to feel muscles strain to get your bike uphill before rushing down the other side, and the opportunity to discover the power of the pack at the Wolf Centre onsite, Haliburton Forest is buzzing with energy in every nook and cranny of its 80,000 acres.

Feel what it’s like to stretch out and propel a 20-person canoe before drinking in the thrill to both body and soul during a climb 20 metres up to the Canopy Boardwalk; or throw yourself into the Forest in high gear as your bike winds around rocks and roots, jolting your body and challenging your mind as you contend with tracks that rate as high as “extreme” (and even “brutal”).

Feel the satisfying stretch of legs that are too often bound under a desk as you round bend after bend in the woods until your body feels weary from doing its job, which is when the rest of your senses can really come alive with the effort.

2. Muscle-Working Bon Echo

From the heart-racing dash to the top of Mazinaw Rock to feeling your muscles strain against the water, Bon Echo Provincial Park is a soul-catching place that simply needs to be experienced.

Work up a sweat just getting to some of the canoe-in campsites. Here, your body launches into high gear the minute you wake up, sending you head-first into an adventure-filled day. Plunge into the lake, where the delicious cooling sensation on your skin serves as a reminder that you are far, far away from your everyday life.

3. High-Flying Bonnie View Inn

There’s nothing more energizing than good food and comfortable sleep. A visit to Bonnie View Inn not only features both, but offers the chance for paddle-gripping, trail-challenging, sweat-inducing days.

Fly across the water faster than your paddle could possibly take you while you relish the challenge of staying upright on water skis or clinging to your wakeboard. Complete the adrenaline rush and find out how it feels to be a bird when the wind catches your parasail, takes your breath away, and propels you thrillingly across the lake.

4. Revved Up Springwood Cottages

An adrenaline-seekers’ dream in any season, Springwood Cottages truly shines in the summer with chances to rev your engine atop an ATV, experience the thrill of a big catch, and soar across the water on an inflatable tube.

Explore Kennebec Lake to cast your line and feel your heart beat pick up at the first tugs of a major catch; or get it racing as you cruise in a speed boat, or better yet, soar across the water behind it on skis or a tube. Not feeling the water? Rent an ATV, rev your engine, and watch trees whiz by as you explore local trails.


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