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Cool Discoveries at Small Museums

That part of summer has arrived. After weeks outside embracing the warm weather, it’s become a little too hot and it seems the only refuge is the cool indoors. No sweat! Instead of trapping that curious mind of yours in your house, why not cool down while diving through history or drinking in cool works of art? With heritage and culture scattered in museums and galleries across Ontario’s Highlands, you can leave the city heat behind and discover a world away from it all at any of these three museums:

1) Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario

Imagine a time when your toothache had to wait for the dental railway car to arrive. The Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario in Smiths Falls remembers the days when trains were the most efficient transport system we had. Watch history come to life before you as you weave in and out of the museum grounds’ restored building, and get up close to historical engines, rail cars, and cabooses.

2) Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

Travel back in time to discover the rich history along the Mississippi River during a trip to the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, occupying the very place where the historical Rosamond Woollen Company operated over 100 years ago. Let your imagination run wild as you learn the history of the industrial textile machines and picture this factory in operation — the air moist with steam from the boiler room and the scent of dye all around.

3) The Canadian Clock Museum

Celebrate the history of another heritage technology at The Canadian Clock Museum in Deep River. Let the rhythmic ticking soothe you while a tour guide teaches you about the ins and outs of wind-up mantle clocks and unique grandfather clocks.

If history isn’t your thing – how about history encased in art? When an ingenious technology like the train is replaced, there are still enough people captivated by the past to preserve its remnants. That’s why the small towns of Haliburton and Barry’s Bay turned their unused railway stations into local art galleries. Wander through to drink in the creativity that fills these spaces, and let the inner artist in you be nourished and inspired. Sign up for one of their many summer workshops to roll up your sleeves, let your creativity free, and master a new skill.


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