Come Wander

Life moves fast. Daily demands pull us in different directions and sometimes we feel guilty for not doing enough. We need to change the narrative and stop focusing on where we’re headed or how fast we can get there, but instead focus on where and how we are at this point in time.

We always find that getting out into nature is one of the best ways to tune in and really focus on some self-care. Being immersed in the natural world – surrounded by fresh air, tuning into peaceful sounds, witnessing the beauty formed by Mother Nature – makes being present, acknowledging our thoughts, accepting our emotions, and simply being happy with where we are at that exact moment even more powerful.

Breathe deeply and feel your soul come to life at one of these six spots, perfect for a mindful moment in nature.

Soaring Away at Eagle’s Nest, Bancroft

After a short walk through the woods, cocooned by towering trees and listening to nothing but the crunch of old leaves and sticks beneath your shoes, the Hawkwatch lookout platform at Eagle’s Nest offers a breathtaking view over the town of Bancroft and beyond. Gazing out into the distance from this sacred spot of the Algonquin people, feel revived with the spirits of the rocks, waters, forest, and sky around you.

Contemplating Works of Art at Haliburton Sculpture Forest

Change your perspective and embrace the unscripted moments as you wander through this forest filled with more than 30 sculptures created by Canadian and international artists. With trails weaving past sculptures tucked throughout the ever-changing woods, every season offers a different view. Take your time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you – in the sunlight dancing through the trees, the calmness of the woods, and the details of the works of art throughout.

Paddling Along the York River in Bancroft

The dip of the paddle, the cool breeze blowing off the water, and the warm sun shining overhead – there is something about paddling a canoe on still waters that is truly calming. Feel truly weightless as you float and glide your way down the York River, a gateway to adventure, running through the town of Bancroft and surrounding countryside on both its north and south. Looking for some expert help? Book a High Falls Paddle, Explore and Dine guided trip with Deep Roots Adventure for an adventure involving a lovely paddle up the York River, an exploration of the tumbledown boulder strewn banks of the High Falls area with a Naturalist Guides, a sumptuous meal, and time to spend with, in, or on the waterfall.

Rising Above it All at Dorset Lookout Tower

Standing 132 metres above the Earth on this former fire lookout tower provides a different perspective on everyday life. This sturdy structure, built in 1967, pays homage to the original tower that stood in this spot and was used to watch for forest fires, offering us a great reminder to rise above negativity in our lives, and view our problems from a different angle for a clearer picture. Gaze out at the 360-degree views from the top, and marvel at the spectacular sight of the Lake of Bays sparkling in front of you and the rolling endless landscape surrounding it while you leave your worries at the bottom.

Overcome by Your Senses at Egan Chutes Provincial Park

Just a short walk along a trail through the woods, discover three waterfalls within the nature reserve that will take over your senses – with delightful sights, powerful sounds, natural scents, and cool touches. Let the rushing waters in Egan Chutes Provincial Park wash any stress or concern from your mind.

Watching the Sun Set on Eagle Lake

As the setting sun marks the end of the day, it also reminds us that there can be beauty in an ending – closing the chapter on unhealthy relationships, putting an end to bad habits, releasing stress and the weight of the world from your shoulders. Let the golden glow of a sunset over Eagle Lake wash warmly over you as you plan a new beginning, putting self-care first. Looking for a place to take it in? We’d recommend from the comfort of Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa.


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