Come Wander

I am a sanctuary for animals and a playground for humans. Spanning over 100,000 acres, I offer the chance to walk beside the birds, swim amongst the fish, and howl with the wolves. Where am I?

Get closer to nature and explore a space where the land comes first and business second as you wander through this outdoor lover’s paradise.

…I am Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd.

As a sustainably managed forest, Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve is a place to immerse yourself in nature, expand your mind, and discover countless surprising moments that fill its 100,000 acres.

Wander past millions of trees and 100 lakes as you explore more than 300km of trails by bike or by foot. Take a moment to listen to the sounds of the forest around you along an easier trail, or hear nothing but the sound of your own heart pounding along one with more difficult terrain.

Walk amongst the treetops and have your breath taken away by the incredible views from the top during a Canopy Tour; discover wolf pack dynamics and the importance of these creatures throughout history before engaging the resident pack in a round of howls during a Wolf Howl Experience, or go beyond the beauty of the night sky to discover more about the stars above by booking an Astronomy Program.

Be amazed by the craftsmanship displayed in the Forest Products that line the showroom and main office. With the timber used in these products harvested exclusively from the centre’s property, you can bring a piece of the forest home with you to remind you of your visit each time you dip your paddle, marvel at the way your new piece of furniture completes a room, or serve up something delicious in your handcrafted bowl.
Ontario’s Highlands Insiders

Knowledgeable in uncovering hidden gems, making fresh tracks, embracing new perspectives, and disconnecting from the everyday, this group of experts is happy to share their wisdom with you. With a passion for local stories, a love of delicious food, and a thirst for unrehearsed days, this team is made up of creative minds and wandering souls.


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