Come Wander

Most know me for standing tall in the sparkling sun, but at night I truly come to life as laughter echoes off my walls and the flicker of campfire reflects off my snow-covered surfaces. Where Am I?

Spend the day soaring down the hill and watching powder fly, then watch as darkness falls and transforms the land like magic.

…I am Calabogie Peaks Resort

Calabogie Peaks Resort is known as the highest vertical and most varied terrain within an hour of Ottawa, but it is much more. A destination for winter enthusiasts looking to fly down the mountain on skis or a snowboard, true fans know the memories don’t stop as the evening takes over.

As daytime winter warriors take their last runs down the hill, hop aboard the ski lift and strap on your snowshoes for an evening guided tour at the top of the mountain. Enjoy the stillness not often witnessed at the peak, pop into Top Hut –perhaps Ontario’s highest coffee shop –then strap on your headlamp and watch your light flicker off the surrounding trees and snow as it guides you down the hill to a crackling campfire patiently waiting to warm you upon your return.

Calabogie Peaks Resort Bon Fire

Pull up a chair in Canthooks Restaurant for an evening you won’t soon forget, and feel your taste buds come to life as you slice into creamy warm brie, savour a mouthful of rich risotto, or have your thirst quenched by a crisp local brew. Celebrating the mountain, lake, and land of the Ottawa Valley, the flavours and inviting atmosphere exude Valley culture and hospitality.

With a full boutique hotel and condo style suites, you can soak any worries away in a hot tub under the stars and marvel at the beauty of the spotted sky above and the twinkling lights around before tucking into a cozy bed for peaceful dreams.

Ontario’s Highlands Insiders

Knowledgeable in uncovering hidden gems, making fresh tracks, embracing new perspectives, and disconnecting from the everyday, this group of experts is happy to share their wisdom with you. With a passion for local stories, a love of delicious food, and a thirst for unrehearsed days, this team is made up of creative minds and wandering souls.


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