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Confession time: I’m a binge-watcher. You name the hit TV series (to be honest, it probably doesn’t have to be that much of a hit) and chances are, I’ve been zoned into it from the comfiest spot on my couch, have had it playing in the background as I chop up veggies for dinner, and have had some extensive conversations about it with others.

Online streaming has provided me with countless hours of entertainment and I know I’m not the only one. I think the reason it’s so popular is that it’s a bit of an escape. It’s a moment to get cozy and clear your mind of any stresses or problems in the real world and instead zone into the lives of your favourite characters – to laugh along with the gang, to be held at the edge of your seat, to watch miracles happen, and sometimes even to cry.

As much as I love it, even I sometimes need a break. There’s only so much time in a day – and in a life – and I wouldn’t want to waste it all away. It’s definitely not the only way to get cozy and escape life’s daily pressures though.

I’ve put together my suggestions of cabins across Ontario’s Highlands where you can cozy up, take a break from screen time, stop the streaming, disconnect from the every day, and just live.

Credit: @greystonegoldenlake

Greystone on Golden Lake: The perfect spot for daydreams and lounging, you can gaze over the lake from bed or pull up a chair to the writing desk cozied into one of the dormers and let your imagination run wild at The Lodge. This is just one of Greystone’s adorable cottages to escape to and is perfect for those cooler nights with a cast iron wood stove, foot-comforting bearskin rug, and hand-made quilts.


Cabinscape: One of the best things about staying at a Cabinscape, aside from being amazed by the innovative storage and living solutions these tiny cabins feature, is the privacy. Tucked into your tiny cabin feels like being a world away from it all, with nothing but beautiful, rugged landscapes to fill your sights.

Sunny Rock B&B: The incredible part of staying in the Pine Studio Waterfront Cottage at Sunny Rock is that it allows you privacy in your own space, while still giving you the chance to connect with your welcoming hosts. Be sure to ask about their Wi-Fi detox, then pack a book and let the beauty of #MyHaliburtonHighlands inspire your creative side and take you far away from it all.

Credit: @deaconescarpment

Deacon Escarpment Cabins, Camping & Trails: Immersion in nature starts as soon as you arrive at Deacon Escarpment. Park the car and hit the trail to wander your way to your own secluded cabin (transportation is available if a hike isn’t your thing), watch the sun set and the moon rise over Golden Lake, and snuggle up in front of your propane fireplace.

Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve: Nestled within Haliburton Forest’s 100,000 acres, these cabins offer an escape to the woods, but with a restaurant and activities offered onsite, there’s no need to feel secluded. Get cozy around a campfire, gaze up at the stars above, and listen to the sounds of the resident wolf pack as you enjoy a crisp, cool evening surrounded by nature.


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