Come Wander
Bonnechere Caves

Forged by Mother Nature, I am an opportunity to witness the power of our dynamic planet as it’s been painted into my walls and crevices. As you venture below the surface, you’ll discover the story of life above. Where am I?

We live on an incredible planet. With the strength to forge mountains, an atmosphere to support life, a land filled with fossils, and a history dating back more than 4 billion years, there’s still a lot about our home we just don’t know. Venture below the surface to learn more, to discover how the rich geology of Ontario’s Highlands has impacted the lives of our communities, and to experience unique moments that celebrate the wondrous Earth.

…I am Bonnechere Caves in Eganville, Ontario.

Place your hand against the grainy wood of the railing and follow the cool air before you as you begin your descent into Bonnechere Caves. Let your flashlight dance across the damp limestone walls and discover the history of the ancient fossils they encase from friendly local guides.

With no reservations required, you can show up to wander this unique gem without a strict schedule, and if you’re lucky enough to snag tickets to an exclusive event, you can see the space through new eyes. Witness the caves transformed to accommodate fine dining with musical accompaniment during an Underground Dining Experience on September 9th or 16th, or a concert during Cavestock – Underground Concert Series on August 17th, 24th, and 31st.

As you listen to the echoing of music against walls carved by Mother Nature, surrounded by a passionate, lively group, become a part of something bigger. This is the chance not only to be reminded of the strength and dynamic power of our planet, but of the significance of a supportive community.

Every visit to Bonnechere Caves is the opportunity to discover something new: to uncover a piece of history; to listen to the stories of surrounding communities and friendly locals; to be amazed by the strength of Mother Nature; or to experience an incredible event. What will you discover?


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