Come Wander
Wander in Ontario's Highlands

There’s a beauty in truly wandering, in letting the moments before you unfold, unscripted, and authentic. Those who embrace this know that wandering is not just momentary, it’s a lifestyle and a desire buried deep inside. If you can relate to the following signs, then you must be a wanderer at heart.

Haliburton Highlands

1. You get lost day dreaming about places you’ve never been.

There are different things that trigger it: a calming breeze against your skin, a ray of sunlight drifting across the table during an early morning meeting, an unfamiliar smell of something cooking, or a temporary moment of silence between your smart phone dinging, signalling new emails and notifications. No matter how it starts, your desire to escape the staleness of the everyday gets piqued and you find yourself lost in thought, dreaming of places you’ve never been and moments of freedom.

2. You jump at the chance to connect with new people.

You may not be the typical ‘social butterfly,’ easily chatting it up and laughing with people you’ve just met, but you enjoy something deeper than that. You search for opportunities to not just meet new people, but to connect with them; to experience something more authentic and longer lasting than a few minutes of light banter, something that changes you.

3. You search for ways to better know yourself.

Whether it’s trying a new sport, reading a profound book, indulging in a little pampering, or whatever it is that makes your soul come alive, you make time to do it. The moments when you feel your happiest, when you feel the freest, are the moments when you discover something more about yourself and you can’t get enough of these.

4. You smile at the thought of disconnecting, even for a day.

It’s not necessarily easy to put down the phone, ignore your emails, and completely unplug, but the thought of doing so, of taking even a few moments to just breathe, makes you smile. Sometimes we have to be reminded to focus on the day at hand and the moments unfolding before us so that we don’t miss them. And you’re pretty determined to not let that happen.

5. You embrace unexpected moments without fear.

You’ve accepted that as hard as you try and as much as you plan, you simply can’t control everything. More than that, you’ve come to realize that sometimes the moments that arise organically, that pop up unexpectedly and alter any preplanned itineraries, make for some of the best memories.

6. You get excited by the idea of stepping off the beaten path.

Away from the crowds –that’s where you long to go. There are enough crowded spaces in your daily routine: subway cars, busy sidewalks, traffic jams, and packed elevators; you want to get away from them all. The thought of stepping off the beaten path, exploring the backroads and uncovering hidden gems doesn’t scare you, but rather puts your mind at ease.

7. You strive to see the world from different perspectives.

Part of your desire to connect with new people is a desire to see the world through new eyes, but this desire runs even deeper. You enjoy discovering the history and culture of a place, learning the stories of the people you meet, and feeding your curiosity.

8. You don’t believe perfection really exists.

You’ve learned that things that seem perfect, never really are. Perfection isn’t real, but rather is an outer façade and you strive to crack it, to have authentic experiences and make real connections.

9. You long to slow down.

The everyday rush to get between meetings and appointments, to meet deadlines, and surpass expectations is exhausting. You need a moment to slow down. To sit on a dock and listen to the waves lapping on the shore, to marvel at the beauty of nature, and to reconnect with yourself and with the people who matter most in your life.

10. You trust yourself.

Trust is intrinsically linked to wandering; you have to let go of your worries, step off the beaten path, and trust that you’ll find exactly what you need, when you need it.


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