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Meeting and exceeding visitor expectations by providing quality, memorable experiences is essential to your business’ bottom line and for Ontario’s Highlands to grow as a competitive tourism destination. OHTO’s OHvation Program is a tool that can help you to better understand your customers and identify ways to close the gap between what visitors expect and what’s actually being delivered to them.

OHvation offers you the chance to see your business through the eyes of a perspective visitor and make a commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Through a mystery shop assessment that has been custom-designed for our region, participant businesses are evaluated for factors including the standard of service and facilities, attitude and engagement of staff, and ability to recommend other experiences in the area. Participants receive a mystery shop report with insights about the visitor’s experience, which provides the opportunity to ensure the service being delivered is meeting, and hopefully exceeding, customer expectations.

This free program is the chance to discover what visitors have to say and receive recognition as a regional customer service leader.

Apply today and OHTO will schedule your mystery shop and send you a self-assessment checklist you can use to prepare. Complete the form below to apply and be on your way to receiving your OHvation designation and gaining a better understanding of your visitor experience.

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