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OHTO Programs

Today’s discerning travelers are seeking more from their travel. No longer is it sufficient to offer things to see and do or promote our physical assets, features and infrastructure. Travelers are increasingly turning away from cookie-cutter options and are in search of deeper, more meaningful travel experiences. OHTO realizes that collectively we must offer and deliver more immersive, layered and customized travel experiences to our visitors with opportunities built in to develop an authentic emotional connection with the people and special places in our region.

The IGNITE Program was developed to directly respond to the need to create and enhance experiences that will inspire visitors to travel to the region. IGNITE is an immersive 3-day best practices mission for tourism related businesses and enterprises that are interested in honing in on their products and services and learning some techniques and principles in experience development that can help take their business to the next level.

This is a one-of-a-kind product development opportunity designed for tourism businesses and community allies that want to design and enhance experiential tourism products. Each year, stakeholders from select communities around Ontario’s Highlands travel to an award-winning off-the-grid eco-lodge in neighbouring region, Explorer’s Edge, to learn best practices and try their own hand at creating memorable experiences.

Participants also visit several destinations and companies in the region, learning from each organization’s key success stories, lessons learned and business practices. The goal is that attendees will return home to integrate their learning into their business operations to create and enhance the visitor experience, develop stories, evolve products, and collaborate with their peers.

For more information on this program, please contact OHTO.